There has to be a higher art form for breast implant outcomes. When I evaluate a patient I take into account patient desires, along with the numerous anatomic features present and my 22 years’ experience in private practice to develop a proper plan in an effort to give my patients the best opportunity to have a simple and ideal aesthetic result. For example, I take into account rib contour issues ( asymmetries, position, shape) along with breast skin quality and amount, together with breast tissue amounts and quality (loose tissue, tight tissue) and the interrelationships of each of these with each other: (How does the breast skin attach to the underlying breast tissue?) (How does breast tissue and skin interrelate to chest wall constriction of footprint or base diameter?)

Not to sound overly complex, but these are critical assessment tools which must be addressed in order to guide all patients into the proper choices that must be made including size, shape and volume of implant, as well as location of implant and whether simultaneous lifting or lift/reduction should be done.

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